Stephen Colbert is my Hero.

I'd like to chime in here about the apple of my eye, Stephen Colbert on "The Colbert Report." He is probably one of the most ground-breaking, truth inducing, anchor/broadcast journalists out there; watch out Paul Magers. "The Colbert Report" is an ongoing mockery of conservative broadcast news networks, i.e. FOX. I really cannot go through a day in which I do not inundate myself in his "truthiness." His gesticulations are Emmy-worthy in and of itself. His bit on "Better Know a District" is the most entertaining 2mins and 30secs of television in the history of all satire television. Ok, I did not really sit in front of my TiVo and time it but my mind can elude me and time passes much to fast when you are watching SC push the rims of his glasses a little higher. You may be thinking, I am inflating SC's already gi-normous ego. Well, he deserves it. Check out, if you know what's good for you, you'll be able to catch up with missed episodes. I am hoping this piece gets me on "Tip of the Hat."

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