Stealing Cable comes alive!!!

Geez, we are posting a lot of stuff on this site. Its like a real website and shit...even if its mostly Justin posting. I would also like to extend a formal greeting to one of our long time fans and now fellow blogger Sarah. Good post on Nielsen's. But really who cares about public broadcasting? I sure as hell don't...unless they show boobs...but if they did they wouldnt really have to worry about ratings would they?


Sarah said...

Thank you for the welcome.

People care about public broadcasting. These stations would not be able to survive without donations from people who care.

And the porn industry is for people like you Mr. Fazer,(I hear MR. F ringing in my ear) so you can salivate in the "watchage" of naked people. So dont sckrew with public broadcasting. Ha.

Bud said...

Public Broadcasting has many great things: American Masters. Ken Burns. The Time Travellin' House series. British Mystery! They even gave Wes Studi his best role outside of Michael Mann with the Leaphorn and Chee mystery series. They rock, haaaaardcore.

And yes, they do, from time to time, show the breasteses.