G4 is Teh Suck

Allow me to jump on the G4 haters bandwagon while I eagerly await the report from Steve Jobs Keynote address in a little while.

What the hell are they trying to do? The recent acquisitions: Star Trek: TNG, The Best of Triumpth, The (Kimmel Carolla) Man Show, and Banzai. Not one of which has new content, with the possible exception of the overrated insult comic dog. The recent schedule changes: heavy expansion of syndicated nighttime content, reduction of original game oriented programming.

Is this the culmination of the sweeping changes that began when the screensavers became the new screensavers? Is this a desperate move to cut their losses? Is this a calculated aping of Spike Tv's format? No. Their half assed attempt to create something original is akin to a new house where you remodel one room at a time, finish, and realize your whims have changed so much that nothing fits together. The Tech TV leftover X-Play lives in the shadow of it's host, G4 staple and oft repeated Attack of the Show is interesting for about 5 minutes of it's 60 minute runtime (and a victim of re-retooling as recent as last week). The new syndicated content is front and center, but again offers nothing original.

The solution?
-G4 needs to save face in the eyes of what was it's core audience, tech nerds and gamers. Cut Attack of the Show down to a half hour, and stop forcing them to try to be edgy. If you claim to cover internet culture, cover internet culture, not try to be an all encompassing demographic grab (See recent segments the Lush, etc..). It is obviously a chore to fill an hour every day by the looks of the show. Some of the skits and other things are truly funny, but they could have a really great show if it was shorter, and as such eliminating the massive amounts of filler.
-Goodbye to Cheat. This retarded program stretches out a 20 second google search over a half hour, not to mention the horrible host.
-Replace the missing half hour of Attack with a Tech oriented show. This doesn't have to be as Techy as the screen savers, but maybe an Engadget show or something like that..think about it..they could give a segment to each popular facet of their site..5 minutes of daily Gadget, Videogame, and Apple news served in a real news format show with talking heads and such might be cool to see.
-Continue to add syndicated content, but be a little more discerning. Turner has made a living off of choosing this carefully, and there are a ton of shows that could do well. Bottom line is to make the choice, keep trying to appease everyone by only choosing shows that you think appeal to your gamer demographic, or try to make a broader swipe at the syndication market by syndicating good shows. I hear Scrubs will be up for a deal very shortly...
-Stop trying to shoehorn attractive people into your shows. Nerds are not attractive, and it just serves to distract from what you are doing. The hint: if they were around when you were Tech TV, they are probably OK.
-Tell Pereira and Lane that repeating easy and dated insults is not funny or edgy.
-Repeating ancient original content is not appeasing your original tech crowd.

Bottom line here is that with each sweeping change, this network seems to be digging deeper into it's own grave, and at the current rate, they can look forward to a quick death if the a la carte cable bill passes. It's time to start looking forward G4.

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