Biggest podcast in the world!?...its not us

So I have come in on the tail end of Ricky Gervais, Steven Merchant, and Karl Pilkington's 12 week run of podcasts. I am sure many have heard the news releases about it being the most downloaded in the world and rightfully so. For about 30 minutes you get 3 very funny guys just talking about whatever is on their mind (sound familiar!!!). Gervais and Merchant are funny, but the real discovery in this show is Karl Pilkington apparently some old friend/producer from Gervais' radio days (pre- The Office). This guy is genius. His diary, his monkey news bits, etc. Some highly hilarious stuff from him. He is getting the biggest laughs.

Anyway, I suggest checking it out. And you can find the last 5 episodes on itunes.

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