75th Post Extravaganza

Ladies and Gentlemen, we sat down to record our second episode of the new year last night and of course it wouldn't be stealing cable without some technical glitches, and it appears my bandwidth was the problem last night. We'll be trying again shortly.

A few things:

Don't forget about Arrested Development's (series?) finale this Friday night, two hours of goodness.

Sony: PSP homebrew is a good thing. I can understand wanting to avoid the issues that have plagued PC homebrew, such as viruses and what not, but until you start to pump out more Grand Theft Autos and less 4 out of 5 of your psp library games, I would even use the ability to run homebrew as a selling point. Let's face it, you have the more technically apt machine, but right now, Nintendo has the hard edge on software..which you know more than anyone else matters more than raw power.

Networks not on Itunes or skimping on the offers: This is a revenue stream that you would not otherwise have, and it's probably good for shows that aren't able to get much exposure anyway. What are you waiting for?

The Internet: Internet humor rules: see gorillamask.net and ytmnd/ytmnsfw...and maybe Ebaums world if you have a good popup blocker and a computer that isn't prone to spyware..aka a Mac.

Stealing Cable: get a more consistent release schedule..well this is something that no matter how hard we try, something always fucks with us. Rest assured though that I am on this and we're not in any kind of waiting period..the next episode is on the front burner. And when our new venture starts..which i began testing last night..a consistent delivery is a must. I am disappointed in our readers..only 2 of you sent podcast sample auditions. TWO!! Let's keep those coming..they will be vital to the next frontier.

Football: It was great to see that horses ass Tom Brady relegated to flipping the coin at the Super Bowl. Even better to see, for the first time in my life, my hometeam win the game. Best of all? Pittsburgh listeners will get this one..Roger Wood finally has to either quit writing that obnoxious fan club song or change it drastically.

Movie going public: For making the remake of When a Strangers calls the number 1 movie at the box office this week, you deserve the barrage of shitty horror movies to come.

We'll see you with the next podcast very shortly.

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