Slow news day..

Since it is not my goal to be an all encompassing news site..just to post shit that I (or my staff) find interesting or at least have an opinion about..I have found myself with something of a problem these last couple days..nothin to talk about. In lieu of that, It's about time for a self serving site update.

I've doubled the blog the very least we will have a constant stream of content. Welcome to all the new folks...even though the only new one I think we have heard from is Sarah.

The podcast is far from dead..just concentrating here at the moment.

I'll be making my return to the theater..we'll I saw Hostel there but i'd like to forget that... Anyway, I'll be seeing Ultraviolet this weekend, so you'll have your first theatrical Justin fixes the movies Column.

Catching up with some TV shows at the moment. Finished the wonderful second season of Entourage, going to start working on the entire run of the US office..and maybe even Battlestar.

The above picture is actually an SOS. Pictured here is "head of blog staff" and podcast co-host Canadian Jake and one of our new writers Andrew. If anyone has seen Jake, please contact stealing cable immediately.

Have a good day..hopefully something interesting will happen tomorrow.

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