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So, Fox just dumped the last 4 episodes of their truncated 13 episode order on Friday night against the olympics opening ceremony. One final insult to a show that without question is the funniest show to ever have existed. At this point, I am kind of over being pissed about the treatment this show got. Its just disappointing that Peter Ligori's promises went unfulfilled. We went from possibly getting 2 guaranteed seasons worth of episodes to getting one full to getting 13 episodes.

Before I get off the disgruntled viewer high horse I just want to say one thing. NBC made a bold move putting my name is earl and the office together and rebuilding thursday night as their comedy showcase night...guess what both of those shows are flourishing. They are doing great in the ratings. Specifically for the office, which by all intents and purposes should not be successful on American tv. No laugh track, no obvious physical comedy, no overt relationship conversation/humor, and Americans are watching!!! NBC did the same with seinfeld and it turned into SEINFELD. I really shudder to think of all the shows that Fox killed that could have gone on to something great. You would think with the massive ratings that Idol pulls in they could afford to throw a couple mill at AD and let it gain an audience with some consistent scheduling and advertising.

Anyway, Arrested Development...Mitch Hurwitz I thank you for being a genius and sharing it with us. These last four episodes were a great way to end this show. You can't say enough about the cast, writers, directors, etc. All top notch. I would say that this podcast/blog exists partially because of Justin and I's mutual love for the show. If it continues I will be more than happy, but I am more than content with the show leaving on top...even if no one noticed.

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Sarah said...

here here. I am okay with it ending, albeit I would love for it continue. The season(?) finale tied loose ends and gave the audience a giant Lucille wink for sticking through and joining in on the laughs.

William Hung and the Hung Jury. ahh.