Review: Waiting (Justin Fixes the Movies vol 2)

I have never worked in a resturaunt, but I must say I laughed quite a few times at this movie. Don't get me wrong, this is no Office Space (which it has been criminally compared to) or even Van Wilder, but a potentially great movie with quite a bit of excess baggage, and a bit too much reliance on running gags.

How to Save it?
- Cut some characters. Milonakis and that other guy were completely were many more that I have forgotten were in the movie. All they served was a distraction from the main story..if there is one..and kept the more interesting characters from developing.
- What's your fuckin point? Was this Justin Long's story? Was it the Freaks and Geeks guy's story? Was it Ryan Reynolds' excuse to deliver one liners? It's actually a sloppy mix of the three, but not enough time is spent on any one for them to really do any good. Anna Faris, who actually has some comedic chops, was completely wasted here, as were the other chicks, except the overused "crazy bitch" waitress, who incidentally came across as the only over the top character on display.
- Slacker comedy doesn't have to be sloppy. In the right hands, this could have been office space, but the script's unevenness and the goddamn showing of the balls running gag stamp all over that.
- Ryan your agent. You are a funny person, and can make unfunny lines memorable..but you are wasted and one dimensional here. How bout the best actor with worst movies award here?
- Justin Long's arc was guessable from the beginning. Yawn.
- As more proof that Dane Cook and Ryan Reynolds are the same person, both are in this movie, but never appear together.
- Development..outside of Justin Long's yawnfest and a very short glimpse into Ryan Reynold's character's home life, we never see any motivation for these folks or why they behave in the way that we do. I rarely say this, but another half hour could have been tacked to this movie and made it far superior, if used properly.

Overall, I recommend that you do check this one out, and it is superior to most of the shit that passes for comedy these days, but in my elitist eyes, this is another case of potential greatness and a dropped ball.

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