The Olympics: Bane of Those Without TIVO

I'm probally the only person under 65 who doesn't like the Olympics.



Now, I can understand 'Grey's Anatomy' running a little late because of the Super Bowl. I can understand going over for the 'State of the Union.' Those are one time, single use events.

What I cannot understand, what I cannot stand, is weeks upon weeks of having to stay up until two in the morning to watch Conan O'Brien. He's going to Finland--He's going to Finland--and I can't see it because I have to be up at a somewhat normal hour.

Also, the Olympics go on for so long. Yes, I understand, U.S.A., U.S.A., let's all be fans of Apolo and Bodie (I always want to spell his name like the bank-robbing surfer) and Michelle (scratch that last one) for six weeks or however long I have to miss 'The Office' for, and then forget about 'em for another four years.

Scrubs. The West Wing. The Office. S.V.U. The Law and Order mothership, a modern American institution if there ever was one. Why hath NBC forsaken thee?

About the only thing that would make it worse is if they only ran 'Crossing Jordan' when they needed to fill time.

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