Justin Fixes the (Classic) Movies: Garden State

Whew, this is an excellent movie. The first ever guy movie equivalent of a girl movie. Zach Braff shows us a whole new side, and the fanboy dream Portman struts her stuff too. That's not to say there aren't some flaws.

-Soundtrack subtlety. Yes, it's a great soundtrack. It's just too blatant and in your face in the movie. It's almost as if some scenes were written around the songs.
-Bad lines. New Slang is a great song, but it's not changing lives anytime soon. Did I mention I hate cringing during movies?
-Cliche. At one point, these twentysomething lost in life characters actually scream into the void, or an empty stone quarry.
-Large's arc is a bit too end loaded..we don't see him gradually change as much as we should.

Other than those few nitpicky things that I blew up way more than they are prevalent in this flick, this is truly a great movie. I recommend it to anyone. 9.6/10


Sarah said...

Meh. I would not recommend it as highly as you Justin. It felt like any other boyish writ of passage wrapped up in a fanciful musical. Ok, I am totally making it sound like Wizard of Oz but I just didn't care for it that much. I watched it once and that's enough. But I apperciate your post anyway, especially about how you felt the scenes were created for the music.

Anonymous said...

I haven't met a girl that liked this movie..I think it is the equivalent of a chick flick but for guys. I think the reason I enjoy the movie so much is because I can relate to a lot of what's going on.