Early Look at Fall 2006 Pilots

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Ain't it Cool News has an early look at some of the 2006 TV pilots floating around. These actually have me more interested than any did last year, but as we all know, it is likely that 1 one of these at most will make it to air and has even less chance of survival in the front loaded ratings world.

Surprisingly, they are still going high concept, even after 2005's genre slate was more or less a huge failure.

One, called Jericho, is a post apocalyptic nuclear war type show that seems to be more about the character's reactions to what is happening than the action itself..which sound great to me. Even better, perenial teenage girl's bookshelf occupier Steven Chbosky is behind it. I always look forward to stuff like this, but this has critical darling poor ratings written all over it. If this even makes it to air, it won't be around at the end of the year.

Second, we have Heroes, a genre show about super human evolution. It looks like a 4400 season 1 type scenario, with a freak of the week, tied together by an overarching plot. This one has ratings potential if marketed right, and the guy reporting to AICN gives it a sure bet rating of making it to air, so look out for this one.

Third, we have a drama entitled "A House Divided," a show about a red state leaving the union after a liberal president gets elected. Apparently the pilot gets deeper than that and raises some good questions, but I don't see this having much gas to go on with the story line outside of a movie event or a miniseries. That said, the absense of West Wing this fall will leave a huge hole for a political drama, and commander in chief isn't filling it anytime soon.

Finally, we have the greatest pilot in the history of all time, "untitled zombie project" in which, and I paraphrase, "The first 15 minutes of 2004 Dawn of the Dead.. is stretched across an hour." The first tension filled 15 minutes of that movie were awesome, I love zombies, and I am ranting like a mad fanboy now. How could they possibly ruin my parade? Oh, Kevin Williamson, responsible for the great horror movie depression that has gone on from the first Scream and continues to haunt us today, is responsible for this one. Interesting, and I'd probably still watch, but the AICN guy pegs this as having not a chance in hell of making it to air. Fair enough.

Anyways, check out the link for more info.


Bud said...

Don't forget about "Studio 7 on the Sunset Strip" (Now 'Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip), the new Aaron Sorkin and Tommy! Schlamme! show. The cast is coming together and while it's not the caliber of the original West Wing cast, it's still pretty good; Matthew Perry, Steven Weber, D.L. Hughley, and Amanda Peet, who I don't like but I'll give a chance to. Also, possibly Bradley Whitford (now that WW is DEAD!) and Timothy Busfield.

Bud said...

I really want to see 'Heroes,' after reading that summary, though.