The pinnacle of video games

Retro Gamer (link embedded in post title above) takes a look back at each console from the Atari to the Sega CD and discusses which games, in his opinion, really made the most out of their respective console's potential.

A really interesting read, and not some fanboy rant (read: he actually details processes used to stretch console power to the limits).

With quite a bit of media attention focused on the "stratification" of gamers, between the state of the art gamers and the newfound love for classic titles and gameplay, be it over Xbox live arcade, the upcoming Revolution's massive back catalog, or PSP emulation homebrew, this begs the question of whether or not something like this would be good for the industry.

It amazes me that it has taken so long for the idea to take hold that the best graphics and sound can't hold a candle to engrossing and downright fun gameplay. If this newfound interest spurs the so called next-gen developers to slow down and take a look at how fun this game is to play instead of how pretty it is to look at, great, but what if this does lead to a new two tiered videogame culture? already does. Whether it be the immensely popular gameboy or even those 20 dollar controllers you hook directly into your tv, the casual gamer has been around and kicking for a long time. All this new media focus will do is bring these stragglers around to the big boys..which means more money to Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo..which hopefully means more money thrown into the service and experience, making it better for everyone. Casual folks, bring it on.

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