You Tube pick of the day/week/hour

I am a you tube whore. It epitomizes this whole craze of user created content that all the tech geeks of the world have been talking about for the past few months. Granted, a lot of the stuff on the site is not created by users as so much as digitzed and posted there. The thing that makes it great though is that I literally am never disappointed by the content. Do you want to see "u cant touch this", it's there...the humpty dance, it's there...captain eo (the michael jackson 3d adventure that used to be at disneyland/world), it's THERE...and the list goes on and on.

So, given the fact that I waste so much time there, I thought I would just link to some of my favorite peices from you tube in this blog from time to time. At first it was going to be a weekly column, but I figured given the amount of stuff on the site I should leave myself the possibility of posting more than once a week.

Without further ado, the first youtube pick of the day/week/hour:

C-walking Vietnamese

For the wankstas out there, C-walking (short for crip walking) is a sort of gangsta dance form popularized by southern California's own legendary gang "the Crips". Members such as Snoop Dogg and Mack 10 often use these dance moves in their stage shows and refer to them in their music. Now, these 3 vietnamese kids have taken it to a far more complex level than gangsta's ever did and frankly are pretty damn impressive.


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