South Park still relevant?

So this last week brought the conclusion to South Park's 2 parter commenting on freedom of speech and the controversy over Danish cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) packaged all around Cartman's quest to get Family Guy cancelled for showing the Prophet in an episode.

Geeks have been in an uproar about this episode and have come out in staunch support of Trey Parker and Matt Stone but I ask is it warranted? I did not think these episodes were that clever at all and any laughs in it were just chuckle inducing. The twist involving the writing staff of family guy being manatees was just stupid. The commentary on freedom of speech I guess was intelligent, but nothing groundbreaking. Really, South Park hasn't done anything great for a long time now. Save for its Scientology episode (which was genius), the show has just been coasting. Granted, I haven't watched the show religiously for years now,but I get the feeling that the show is going through, dare I say, the Simpsons syndrome. Its been on too long and it just doesnt make with the funny anymore

As far as Family guy, the show has had huge ups and downs this season, but I still think its one of the funniest shows out there and today's South Park doesn't hold a candle to the best that Family Guy has to offer.

As far as which show in its prime is better, the answer to that is easy...Futurama.


Anonymous said...

They were absolutely right about family is a bunch of jokes thinly strung together under the guise of a main plot..but for what it is, it has worked..well at least up until the quagmire falls in love episode. I haven't liked an episode since that one..but I for South Park, I would argue that it is actually too relevant, almost dating itself instantly because of the time sensitive material they choose to lampoon on a weekly basis. It can still be funny, just not one of my favorite shows..this is justin by the way, im just too lazy to log in.

Sarah said...

haha Justin.

Well, I never cared for South Park and as an outsider, the Prophet (pbuh) cartoon plotline seems like a feeble attempt to get people to watch. whatever. They can turn into The Simpsons for all I care.

Fazer said...

South Park is trying to be the animated Daily show, minus the humor.

Really, back in the day when the show was more about anal probes, cheesy poofs, respecting authoritay, gay dogs, kenny dying, talking christmas shit, it was far funnier. Do south park fans forget about those days of the show? Trey and Matt weren't nearly as obsessed on commenting on everything in the news RIGHT NOW back then.