Save Our Show!

Those followers of nerd TV as we like to call it know that in a few short weeks, the fates of shows that we love will be decided. This year, as is no different, quite a few of those shows are on the chopping block. Right around this time of year, Kristin Veitch, TV columnist at E Online, gets together a campaign to throw her support behind one show. While this may not seem like a big deal, her campaign has been successful every time but once, whether by coincidence or not. How to vote you ask? Simply send her an email with the show that you would like to see saved. The winner will have a column written specifically about said show, and Kristin will use her gravitas to push the show to her folks on the inside. Article here.

Here are the eligible shows, copied directly from the article:
Likely to Be Saved: George Lopez, Gilmore Girls, The New Adventures of Old Christine, The O.C., Reba, Scrubs, Smallville, Veronica Mars and The Unit.

On the Fence: According to Jim, Close to Home, Commander in Chief, Conviction, E-Ring, Everwood, The Evidence, Freddie, Girlfriends, Hope & Faith, In Justice, Invasion, Out of Practice, Sons & Daughters, Supernatural, Teachers, The War at Home and What About Brian.

Likely Doomed: All of Us, The Bedford Diaries, Courting Alex, Cuts, Eve, Free Ride, Half & Half, Joey, Less Than Perfect, Living with Fran, The Loop, Love, Inc., Modern Men, One on One, One Tree Hill, Pepper Dennis, Related, Rodney, Surface and Twins.

Surprisingly, and for the first time in a while, all of the shows that we support here are pretty likely to come back. With Arrested Development and Alias' fate already sealed, this year was more difficult than years past for me to make a single choice. For what it's worth, I would say that although I ended up voting for Veronica Mars, Supernatural appears to need the support. Scrubs folks needn't worry; on the off chance that NBC doesn't pick up it's rebounding show, ABC(who actually owns the show) has gone on record saying that they will. Smallville, with a Superman movie juggernaut headed our way, you are safe, at least for this year. Surface folks, it may be time to throw in the towel. Think of Surface as the Ralph Nader vote.

Anyways, here is a direct link to Kristen's inbox..remember, only write the title of the show you want to win in the subject line and send away.


worry said...

so how good is supernatural, guys? i haven't caught it at all.

Anonymous said...

I only caught the pilot, which i did like. Faze loves the show. I'll catch up on DVD.

Fazer said...

It is fantastic. I hate to keep on chiming in on its similarities to Buffy, but its the quickest way to describe the show. It applies the monster of the week format that Buffy used in its infancy so well, but in this show's case there is a very strong story arc carrying on throughout the show.

Also, both leads are entertaining and believable. It won't win any emmy's (and I don't think it is trying to, which I love) but its the funnest and smartest show on TV bar none.

Its my understanding that Veronica Mars and Supernatural are pretty much locks for seasons on the upcoming "CW" network, but you never know...

Fazer said...

Totally unrelated note...I really hope "Twins" gets cancelled because every time I am looking through my Tivo Channel Guide I end up doing a double take seeing Twins, thinking its the Schwarzenegger/DeVito classic.

KTLA/WB in Los Angeles used to be the unofficial home for "Twins" the movie when I was a kid. It was a safe bet that it would be playing at some time EVERY weekend. Sigh...those were the days.