Fletch Lives...Again!?!

Lets get the news out of the way. Bill Lawrence, creator of Scrubs, has been tapped to write and direct "Fletch Won" the much ballyhooed film version of the novel (why is this movie so hard to make? It ain't Spiderman. Its freaking Fletch). Now, I never read any of the novels (Bill Lawrence has and is a big fan of them). My relationship with Fletch begins and ends with the two movies "Fletch" and "Fletch Lives" starring demi-god Chevy Chase.

The movie sequel feels a bit off at times and doesn't really feel at all like the original, but it has its moments. The original movie is a tour de force though. One of the true comedy classics. Chevy Chase's portrayal of Fletch is just mind numbingly good and is still funny today. I suggest you go and buy the DVD right now.

Anyway, the other assumed news is that now that Lawrence is on board, the oft rumored casting of Zach Braff as Fletch is a given. I don't like this at all. Granted, this is based on my belief of what Fletch should be based on Chase's performance. Braff is far too goofy to pull of the suave, ultra-arrogance that Chase had in the role (actually all of his roles). When Kevin Smith was attached he wanted to put Jason Lee in the role, which I liked...but I hate Kevin Smith so it was another quandary.

I liken this to a James Bond situation. Ian Fleming, the original author, hated Sean Connery's casting and didn't like "Dr. No" that much. The movie Bond is quite different from Fleming's creation, but Connery's Bond is considered iconic. I put Chase's Fletch in the same category (which Gregory McDonald, the original author, has gone on record of not liking either). So screw books. I would also like to pre-emptively create controversy for Fletch 5 by saying the obligatory, "I think its about time that we had a Black Fletch! I think (insert hot black actor of the time, Denzel Washington, or Marlon Wayans) would be phenomenal!!!"

Either way, I appreciate that Lawrence is a fan and have faith he will do a good job...if the movie ever gets made. Best pick for Fletch that I have heard so far...Ryan Reynolds.

P.S. I think I have solved the "Chase equation" aka How did Chevy's career go from so good to so bad? A deal with the devil had to have been made in the early 70's for meteoric rise to fame and fortune and a string of blockbuster comedy classics. But like that monkey paw episode of the Simpsons treehouse of horrors, all those deals have unforseen repercussions that make the person regret ever making the deal. Unfortunately for Chase, right about 1985 the "b" side of the deal kicked in and he starred in such an enormous amount of shit that people forgot that he was ever famous to begin with.


Chris said...

Braf is so overrated that I can't even bother to check if his last name has one "F" or 2. I'm not a huge FLETCH fan, my Chase love comes from VACATION, but this is a role that has Vince Vaughn written all over it.

worry said...

ryan reynolds is a nard. chevy chase sucks ever since eating sheep balls in funny farm, it is a gastrointestinal problem. and since it's supposed to be a young fletch, something tells me shia lebouf could pull it off.

Fazer said...

shia does have the "name you didn't think could actually be a name" thing going for him like Chevy did, but he is far too annoying. He is like Ben Savage-lite

Vince Vaughn would have been great...although its supposed to be a prequel, but I dont see why he still couldn't play it.

Chris said...

Vaughn is only 5 years older than Braff. Maybe I'm biased because I don't watch "Scrubs" so my only exposure to Braff is the awful GARDEN STATE.

Fazer said...

Scrubs really is fantastic. Its the only exposure you should ever have to Braff.

Screw Garden State and all its "dramedy"

I would like to throw another name for Fletch into the mix...Frankie Muniz. Just think about it.