Amazing Screw-on Head: GREENLIGHT NOW!!!

What's this? An original program on Sci-Fi channel that isn't Battlestar Galactica that is actually good? And its an animated show?! I really don't know what the deal is with Sci-Fi. It clearly isn't run by people who understand the genre. 90% of the time they are showing 1 star z-grade schlock put out by some eastern European country that you wouldn't even find your local video store carrying...And they can't even show the copious amounts of nudity that are usually in those movies anyway.

Early on if I understand correctly they were still teetering on whether or not they were going to show BSG in its entirety (Kyle can correct this if I am wrong), until the show became a sensation in England and became sort of the unofficial mascot of Bit Torrent giving access to media that people normally wouldn't have due to network politics. They also had that one mildly amusing show "Tripping the Rift", a CGI animated show, but I don't know if it exists anymore. It wasn't that great anyway.

Anyway, I am posting this so we can get our small readership to voice their opinions on the pilot for "The Amazing Screw-on Head". It started as a comic book by uber-genius Mike Mignola (of Hellboy fame). I never actually got around to reading any of the comics, but I can say that the animated show LOOKS EXACTLY like what you think Mignola's comic work should look like if it were in motion.

Setting aside the art design, which is fantastic, the show itself is quite a riot. During the Civil War era, Abraham Lincoln turns to his number one spy guy "Screw-on Head", who literally is a head that screws himself into robotic bodies, to fight matters of the occult and generally weird things. The show's tongue is definitely in cheek at all times. The concepts that Mignola brings forth are wild and entertaining. I won't sit here and list off all the insane oddities that show up in this pilot, but I will just say you will be entertained.

Overall, the pilot is very strong. Its beautiful to look at. The characters are fun and original. The pacing of this episode feels a bit off the whole time, but its very much an introductory episode to this alternate universe of sorts. I highly recommend you guys watch it on Sci-fi's Pulse video network and then take the survey afterwards so we can get this show greenlighted. If this was Adult Swim, I would imagine this show would already be in production, but its Sci-Fi so keep that in mind when you take the survey.

Link: The pilot should be the Featured Video


worry said...

sounds good, i'll watch this soon. a couple unrelated questions though: are you interested at all in the other big sci fi premiere Eureka? looks kinda like a grown up Eerie, Indiana to me, but could be interesting.

also, why the hell wasn't there a stealing cable team in the world series of pop culture??

Fazer said...

I have no clue what to expect from Eureka. I really wasn't planning on watching it, but I do appreciate the mention of Eerie, Indiana, a show I loved as a kid.

Also, I guess SciFi should get some credit for Farscape, which a lot of people liked, but to me just felt like a trash dump for scrapped Muppets and some weird dudes in suits.

Fazer said...

The world series of pop culture tryouts were brought to my attention by Sarah sometime ago. I didn't think much of it at the time, but after seeing the show, I think we could have clearly dominated. Hopefully they will have a second season...I would definitely be interested in joining.