Signing out

I teased it a little last week, but now I'll go ahead and make it official..I will be leaving Stealing Cable along with Andrew, better known to readers as Darth Chocula, to work on our new script, a re-imagining of an 80s TV show known as Manimal, as well as a new website, Spot the Weasel(ill come back to add the link when it's there), where you will be able to find not only the posts you loved from us here, but updates on the production and news surrounding Manimal.

Manimal, a show about a man who can turn into an animal, shares nothing but a name with our story. Anything more would spoil the fun. I am currently working with an artist on a comic rendition of this, which will likely be distributed at Spot the Weasel, and Andrew and I are collaborating on a longform script as well.

With this news, I hope Faze does a better job here than I did.

Does this mean the end of the podcast? Yeah, in this form at least.
Is anyone else coming with you? If they are interested
Why leave? We'll I have had trouble as it is taking on a leadership role here with so much going on, so not only will I officially relinquish that, but I'll leave an active account here, just in case.

See you all soon!



Sarah said...

I am sorry to hear that you are leaving Justin. That really pulls at my heart strings, especially because I indulged in the arguments you had with Faze. I really enjoyed hearing/reading him squirm becuase you would obviously one-up him with your more impressive knowledge base in entertainment/mass media. Best of Luck with Manimal and whatever else.

worry said...

diss!!! (re: fazer)

Fazer said...

You guys are all fired.