On the Brink of World War?

I've been in and out for most of the weekend. But when I've dialed around the channels looking for baseball scores I keep glancing at the news stations and it almost sounds like there is a bunch of unrest in the world. I don't know if North Korea threw a grenade at Israel or if Luxembourg has finally decided to break off a piece of France for itself but life as we know it could be coming to an end. With that in mind I hope everyone has taken it upon themselves to watch HARLEY DAVIDSON AND THE MARLBORO MAN.

The film is the (un)true story of 2 buddies who have spent their entire lives riding hogs and getting into barfights. Mickey Rourke and Don Johnson play the title characters. Originally the film was to be named HARLEY DAVIDSON, THE MARLBORO MAN, AND BAZOOKA JOE but that was scrapped when Sam Elliott pulled out due to strep throat.

The plot finds Harley and Marlboro butting heads with a banker portrayed by a slim Tom Sizemore, who also dabbles in dealing a new synthetic drug that's all the rage. Throughout this adventure you get Big John Studd, a Baldwin brother wearing a bulletproof leather trench coat, and Vanessa Williams long before the ravages of time and Rick Fox had taken their toll. This movie leaves no stone unturned.

Who knows how much longer we have until the nukes start knocking on our front doors? But I do know that if you see just one movie before the apocalypse begins, make sure it's HARLEY DAVIDSON AND THE MARLBORO MAN or one of the odd numbered POLICE ACADEMY flicks.

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Fazer said...

Police Academy 7: Mission To Moscow was clearly responsible for ending the Cold War.

Here is hoping Police Academy 8: Citizens on Patrol...in Fallujah will end this Israeli-every other country war before it gets more out of hand