Summer Movie Rundown

Well, I can only speak for the movies I have seen. Here is a basic rundown of what actually is worth watching in theaters right now and what isn't.

The Devil Wears Prada: Is it just me or does Anne Hathaway always seem to play the ugly girl who undergoes a makeover and becomes the girl who takes over. Well, this was no different. Girl graduates from college, moves in with the boyfriend in the Big City and tries to find her way. Ends up getting a job that "a million girls would want," but things aren't always that easy. I am sure many of you have read the book and if this movie was anything like the book than I am not reading it. It wasn't funny and it was so freaking long. The only pseudo entertaining part was Meryl Streep acting like a bitch.

Superman Returns: Really enjoyed it, read Justin's post below.

Click: Oh my gosh!! I cried. I mean not to get your hopes up because this was probably like any mediocre Bruce Almighty-type flick but it was still very touching. It is interesting to note that Adam Sandler is starting to pick projects that are all family-oriented where he gets to play dramatic roles as the good father trying to balance it all. (Spanglish and this one) But hey, it works. So his character in this movie is tired of his life even though he has great kids and a hot wife, but he cannot seem to get the promotion at work. So he finds a universal remote at Bed, Bath and Beyond which helps him fast forward through all the mundane crap in life. But then we see how big of a mistake this was.

Nacho Libre: Loved it, see post below.

The Break-Up: It was okay and see post below.

Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest- Seeing Johnny Depp in anything is quite entertaining. This was no different. I am not a huge Pirates fan but this was pretty good. A lot of the action scenes were fun, and there were a lot of funny moments because Captain Jack Sparrow is somewhat of a nut job. The imagery was great and the special effects were fun. That's probably the word of the day: fun. The giant octopus was sooo gross and the Dutch sailors made me want to vomit, all of which are good things because it was well done.


Fazer said...

man I was hugely disappointed by Pirates 2. It was too long, the middle dragged horribly, and Johnny Depp's character was not nearly as likeable as he was in part 1. Bloom and Knightley's characters were once again just baggage.

I wasn't a huge fan of part 1, but I liked Sparrow. This was actually a pretty bad movie in my opinion.

The only redeeming part of it was Davey Jones and his octo-men crew. There was some fantastic special FX with the crew and with the Kraken. Some of the best work I have seen so far. You really feel like Davey jones is in a mask, but it was actually all CGI. Great work there.

Billabongtom said...

Pirates 2 was a pretty decent flick. I thought Depp's Sparrow was more of the same, which was a good thing.

I'll agree with you that Bloom was just there the whole movie, but Knightley did a damned fine job. Her character had the most development too, which didn't hurt.

Loved the cliffhanger ending. Pirates 3 really has its work cut out for it.

And just what in the hell is the point of getting a drawing of a key.

Sarah said...

Ya, the key thing annoyed me too. I was getting mad at myself for not thinking there was more to it until I finally realized it was just a freaking drawing.

Sarah said...

So Pirates 2 had the biggest weekend box office opening at $132 million, beating out Spiderman ($114.8 mil.)