Music Saved...for real this time

Get ready rude boys and girls cuz there is a blizzard on the way.

Snow, reggae artist extraordinaire, has been allowed back into the USA after being barred from re-entering due to criminal troubles. He is back to work with producers Rich Nice (of trackmasters fame) and Commissioner Gordon (of...ummm Batman fame?) on a new album dropping this SPRING 2006!!!

I think this quote from Snow's Homepage speaks for itself: "This album will take you back to his roots and then fast forward to the future like you never heard him before...A LICKY BOOM BOOM NOW" (just kidding about that licky boom boom part, he never said that...but I am sure he wanted to)

For those of you who don't remember "the once MC Shan and the one daddy Snow (who) together love 'em like a TOR-NA-DO", maybe this will remind you of the year 1993...the year of SNOW.

Also, check out Snow's Myspace website for information about his daily goings on and clips from his newer work.

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Possibly the greatest post in this Blog's short history