I Diggs This New Show

With "Lost" on hiatus for the next few months it's going to take quite a show to hold down the fort for ABC on Wednesdays. Judging by last night's premiere of "Daybreak" I do believe they have done just that.

"Daybreak" stars Taye Diggs, perhaps you remember him from that time he gave groove back to Stella, as a cop who wakes one day to find himself framed for murder and on the run from his fellow officers, not to mention a mystery group of men dressed in black who are quite eager to see him confess to the murder. The kicker is that Diggs' character is forced to relive this day over and over again until he gets it right. Yes, this is the same premise as GROUNDHOG DAY. But if network television can air 3 versions of "CSI" I'm fairly certain it can survive a show that swipes heavily from a 13 year-old movie.

So far I like what I'm seeing. Diggs is backed up with a good supporting cast that includes Adam Baldwin, Jonathan Banks, and a smoking gal named Moon Bloodgood who plays Diggs' girlfriend. It should also be noted that Moon Bloodgood is the coolest name ever.

I'm interested in seeing if the show can keep each new version of the same day fresh. If it can accomplish that then we're gonna be in for a fun couple of months following this story play out. If you missed the 2-hour premiere you can head over here and check it out on ABC's website.

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Fazer said...

Holy Shit!

I just finished watching the 2 hour premiere.

If they can sustain the intensity and clever writing for another 11 episodes, this show may be something wonderful.

Brilliant debut in my opinion. It has me very hooked.