The Price is Right...For Bosoms!

I've been watching "The Price is Right" for as long as I can remember. Not everyday mind you, what kind of loser do you do take me for? But it's always nice on a rare holiday or on a day you call in sick when you're not really sick to get under the covers and spend an hour with Bob Barker, AKA an old man who has gotten plenty of ass but doesn't throw it everyone's face like that jerk Hugh Hefner.

I'll admit that when I'm able to watch the show I'm all business. There's always a lot of eye candy on display but I find it usually serves to distract me from my objective of correctly guessing the price of a cotton candy machine. So I'm glad somebody has put together a nice montage of some of the more jiggle-tastic moments that the program has long been famous for. Enjoy.

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Fazer said...

great find.

I second everything you said about Price is Right

I was lucky enough to go to a taping when I was in college. It is like a perfect world. If only the rest of the world could be like the Price is Right audience.