McClane Gets a New Foe

LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD, the next entry in the DIE HARD series has been filming for a couple weeks but only now has the villain been cast. Though not officially announced, several sites (good enough for me!) are reporting that Jeffrey Wright will be in charge of making John McClane sweat, curse, and hopefully shoot many people.

Wright is a good actor and when compared to a lot of the other aspects to this sequel it's about the best news I've heard. Still, I was sort of hoping an actor would be cast that would really get me excited. For some reason my mind was telling me James Gandolfini would get the gig. He was never rumored or anything, but I just had a vision of him in a DIE HARD film. Most of my visions involve James Gandolfini so it's probably my problem.

That picture to the left is a shot of Willis on the set of LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD. I swear to God it is not a picture of Robert Schimmel.

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Fazer said...

good catch with the Schimmel call.

I really don't know what to make of this project. I love Bruno. I love the Die Hard franchise. I hate Len Wiseman (underworld was the most underwhelming horror/scifi movie I have ever seen). I am glad they dropped the son angle. I don't know how I feel about e-terrorism. It just has an air of "Mclane is going to have to use his wits to get out of this one and not his gun" I have said it elsewhere, and I am sure it has already made its way into the script.

Scene: Terrorist HQ

[terrorist frantically typing on keyboard to upload virus into wall street computers]

Computer screen: JMclane: Hey scumbag, time to reformat. Y1pp13 K1 Y@y Mutherfuxx0r!!!

Terrorist geek: Noooooooo


end scene