Wimmer's Sophomore Slump (An Ultraviolet Bashing)

I am guilty of believing in a false movie prohpet, and his name is Kurt Wimmer. After a career made up of script doctoring and writing Brian Bosworth movies, he got a chance to make a film combining his love for martial arts and action movies. Equilibrium starring Christian Bale was the result, a new age classic in my opinion. The thing that got me excited about Wimmer was his eye for action. He obviously revered the Golden Harvest Sammo Hung/Jackie Chan era martial arts movies and did not fall into the habit of cutting up all his fight scenes making them incomprehensible to the viewer. And he also did something no one expected, brought originality to the movies!!?? Gun-kata was a great little concept that could only exist in movies and was executed brilliantly. The script was pedestrian, but serviceable and made general sense. The movie was full of great actors...most notable Bale who was still a relative unknown at the time. The movie became a huge internet cult sensation and really built up the buzz over his second project "Ultraviolet"

Yeesh. Thats what I thought coming out of the theater today. My next thought was, "what have you done with the real kurt wimmer". The script is terrible...i mean Carnosaur 3 on the sci fi channel terrible. The dialogue is pure utter shit and literally makes you laugh out loud. The storyline is as derivative as they come. The CGI is piss poor, yet Wimmer chose to do an entire 5 minute vehicular chase scene with this same CGI. But the thing that really pisses me off is the action. It literally consisted of Milla Jovovich dancing around and fake hurting people and then having them all fall down. Maybe that had to do with the rating being brought down to pg-13 from R thanks to studio urging, but seriously the studio could not have made this any worse than it already was.

Extreme language to follow: Now, Mr. Wimmer has done almost no press for this movie. I am sure he is waiting to play the "studio interference" card on this one. FUCK THAT and FUCK YOU wimmer. This is all on your shoulders. It was utter shit and you are totally responsible for it. Milla can't be blamed because she has been serviceable in other tough girl roles. You wrote this shit and you directed it. You made the genius decision of having the camera track 19 times between the shades of violet and her soon to be aggressors. You made the decision of having the camera track from a guy's ear to the barrell of a gun!? You made the fucking decision of having action scenes take place OFF CAMERA. WE LIKE YOU BECAUSE WE THOUGHT YOU COULD DIRECT ACTION. Not because you are some sort of auteur. The action that made it onscreen is a pile of junk. You made the decision of shooting the final fight scene IN THE FUCKING DARK lit only by flaming swords?! FUCKING IDIOCY. Fuck you for making me watch that shit and I hope you never fucking work again.

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