Look at your local T.V. guide!

Fans of the man of steel should be forewarned that the feature length documentary "Look, Up in the Sky: The Amazing Story of Superman" will be debuting tonight on A&E and that you should seek your local listings to get a gander. The prominent figures involved with the sculpting of the Superman character in film [Richard Donner, Ilya Salkind, Margot Kidder, Bryan Singer, and of course, Brandon Routh] put in their two cents on the character while exploring his impact on the world and his rich history.

The documentary will be available during the Superman DVD blitz on June 20th to coincide with the new film by whiz-bang director Bryan Singer and contain half an hour of extra footage, though with an all encompassing DVD collection on the way [Spanning 14 discs!] in the Fall one certainly wonders if it's worth it.


Billabongtom said...

Thank god this is replaying at midnight. I'm at work when it's on earlier.

Fazer said...

No Dean cain and/or Teri Hatcher interviews? Blasphemy!!!

Billabongtom said...

I'm pretty sure I remember Dean Cain was interviewed for a few seconds when they mentioned "Lois And Clark".