Year of the Drago?

With ROCKY BALBOA doing solid business at the box office, Rocky-mania is at its highest level in years. Not only is Rocky making a comeback in the heart's of our nation but so too is another particular character from the boxing franchise. I am of course referring to Ivan Drago, the Soviet strongman who left a huge imprint while only having about 30 words of dialogue in ROCKY IV.

The evidence for this upswing in Drago interest can be seen here. It's an online video game titled "Ivan Drago: Justice Enforcer" in which the title character fights his way, "Double Dragon" style, through a series of foes. Along the way some familiar faces pop up to wreak havoc on the mighty Russian.

This game isn't the only Drago-related doings planned for '07. Due out in the spring is an Ivan Drago action figure which is one of many Rocky characters (including Paulie's robot!) that is being immortalized as a plastic toy. How long until a whole line of accessories will be available at Hot Topic?

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Fazer said...

i can't believe I didn't post this...oh wait now i remember why. I spent the last 2 hours watching football and completing "Ivan Drago: Justice Enforcer". Let me say, for an imockery game, it has a ton of depth. That character select screen with 3 question mark slots...its not just for show.

It is a great game, and definitely done by true Rocky fans. I highly recommend it.