Break out the Kool-Aid!

It was a nice civilization while it lasted. There were a few laughs, some definite tears, but overall I'm proud of what we all accomplished. But it's time to pull the plug, cut our losses, and call it a day. That's right folks, EPIC MOVIE is the #1 film in the country.

I remember when I first saw the poster for EPIC MOVIE hanging in a theater lobby. I thought it was a spoof poster, perhaps some wacky frat kids having a bit of fun with the theater. But nope, it was an actual movie. I recall seeing the trailer in front of ROCKY BALBOA. Nobody laughed which was a sign to me that this flick would die a quick death and live out its years airing on Comedy Central at 10 in the morning on weekdays. Well the jokes on me. Actually the joke is on us.

I'm not in any way saying that I have to like every movie that becomes popular. For a few weeks NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM was #1. I get it, it's a family friendly comedy with big stars. Then STOMP THE YARD spent a couple weeks on top. Not my cup of tea but I can see why it would appeal to the hip youth culture that I know nothing about. Maybe I can see EPIC MOVIE being #1 in a real slow weekend, but both SMOKIN ACES (which I saw and is pretty good) and the Jennifer Garner rom-com CATCH AND RELEASE opened this weekend. Both of those should be making EPIC MOVIE their bitch.

What's really scary is that EPIC MOVIE has a shot at being on top 2 weekends in a row. Next weekend is traditionally slow because of the Super Bowl. 2 films go wide, the horror flick THE MESSENGERS and the Diane Keaton/Mandy Moore estrogen-fest BECAUSE I SAID SO. I have no interest in seeing either of those but I really hope some other people do. If not, make mine Mountainberry Punch.


Fazer said...

if anything, this news tells us one thing. With Kal Penn's role in 24 and now a number 1 movie...THE INDIANS ARE TAKING BACK AMERICA!!!

Chris said...

What the hell is up with Kal Penn being everywhere all the sudden? Come on Kal, let Ajay Naidu get some work for God's sake.