As always I want to start out by saying how pleasantly surprised I am at the positive response that the show has been receiving and the increasing popularity. Thank you for your support. This podcast is for you.

With that, the staff here is looking at a full website. In order to make this happen, our staff would have to increase quite a bit. People with experience in html, blogging, podcasting, and fans of media (not just TV) in general that would be willing to work for glory and recognition, send an email to whattowatch@gmail.com with some contact information, and preferably a link to your work, be it a blog or website. What kinds of expansions am I talking about? Stay tuned.

There will be no podcast next monday, but this isn't your typical lull, we just decided to spend the week thinking about what we can do with a full site. Your suggestions, as always, are welcome. With that said, here are some news bits.

I haven't been able to confirm this yet, but the source appears to be pretty accurate: Arrested Development's episode order has been cut from 22 to 13, and it has been pulled completely from sweeps. This is all but cancelled folks, and it hurts to say it. At this point, I'm not militantly upset like earlier in the year when season 2 was cut, because Fox really gave it their all and probably got behind the show for 2 seasons longer than any other network would. This one is for reals, going out on top of the game. The funniest show of all time, and a huge inspiration for doing this Stealing Cable project.

Howard Stern's In Demand network goes live on November 18th, featuring uncensored versions of the old E show and new content beginning with Stern's January move to Sirius satellite radio, as well as whatever Stern dreams up. I'm a huge fan of Howard, so I am pretty excited, even though the monthly fee for the channel will be more than HBO. More importantly if this is a success, we could see a template for one of our favorite topics, alternative venues for TV shows.

Speaking of alternative venues, NBC and CBS will begin offering certain shows on In Demand for 99 cents a pop. I haven't been able to confirm DRM specifics, but while I am for this, this seems to be a half hearted step in the right direction with strings attached (kind of like I tunes.) This is cheaper than the ABC itunes offerings, but the strings attached could make that dollar worth it.

Finally, Stealing Cable has recieved the "Five Star" award from podspider.com. I'm not sure how or based on what criteria, but rest assured I will be referring to the show as the Award Winning Stealing Cable from now on.

The podcast will return on the 20th, so enjoy your new head blogger Canadian Jake, as well as the periodic updates from myself, Faze, and Brendan until then.

Much Love-
The King of all Podcast Media


Bud said...

I disagree with "Arrested Development" being the funniest show of all time, but it's certainly the funniest, smartest, and most clever show on TV right now. I watched the first season in about three days, and while it took me a little while to get through the second, it was still worth every penny I spent on it. It's really one of those shows, I think, that will become more appreciated as time passes and other writers/creators cite it as an influence.

Or, to put it another way, the Velvet Underground only made four albums.

Anonymous said...

excellent analogy. I struggled with calling it as such but I couldn't come to think of a show as consistently hilarious and flat out comedy as this.

Sarah said...

I am deeply saddened at this news. But Justin, I agree with you that Fox did give it so many more chances than any other network would have. The American people just didn't get it. Maybe it was just to quirky and thought provoking that people just did not want to take the time to watch it and all the allusions, euphemisms and metaphors went over their heads. Well, whatever, overanalyzing why it didn't succeed at this point is fruitless. All I know is that AD will have a soft place in my heart until forever.

Fazer said...

AD is the funniest show of all time. And now that this podcast has won awards I think its only a matter of time before I get too big for it and leave it.