Real TV show downloads + more

I wish I could say that these people listen to the show and took my idea, but unless one of the five people that heard me say it took it to Time Warner, that's probably not true.


In what I consider to be a great idea, some classic TV shows will be put on a controlled P2P network via AOL, downloadable for free, and supported by 1-2 minutes of ads. This is really the only way to combat illegal downloads, by making them free and readily available. Granted, it's only classic shows, but hopefully this catches on and becomes more popular than Video Itunes and CBS/NBC's venture.

What CBS/NBC venture? Click .

Which of these three end up most successful will likely determine the future of legal TV downloading. Also watch how Howard's subscription program pans out this Friday.

Did you know? Some inside Stealing Cable facts.
-most of our blog hits are from searches about how to steal cable.
-Canadian Jake was originally to be a guest to talk about Battlestar but worked out so well that we brought him on for a permanent host position
-Canadian Jake is actually in charge of the blog, but has posted fewer than anyone else.
-The actual show is drawn from a 2-3 hour skype call. Episodes 1, 2, and 4 were unedited.
-I plan on making the unreleased episode 1 available for download in a bundle with episode 6 on a torrent site. I just need to find a legal torrent site. We've come a long way.

The show will be back next week..there's so much to cover, it may be longer than usual. The new full blown Stealing Cable site has generated quite a bit of buzz amongst our little base, but just to calm that down a little bit, this is a little of a ways down the road. The show has already began to slowly morph into what I have in mind. The site to match that vision will be around next year.


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