Hosting Confirmed

Those wondering where the hell we've been, I'm back with some news: hosting for the show has been confirmed. That said, we are not going to release the first show. It did it's job as something of a pilot run, and it did get us hosting, but we are going to take the feedback and amp up what worked, and cut what didn't for a all new first show, which should be in your itunes playlist in a few short days. Thanks for sticking around.

On the new first show, we will be covering:
The FX Comedies Starved and Sunny...Philadelphia. A hint? FX dropped the ball bigtime.

The top 5 new shows to watch for the fall season

and more. Check soon for all the info.

Finally, if anyone would like to hear the unaired pilot for our show, shoot us a message. I'm not comfortable giving it a full release just because now it's pretty dated, but if you are interested in hearing what you'll be in for and can't wait for the real premiere, I'll throw you a bone.

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