What to Watch, Tuesday September 13

Tonight, for me anyway, is the real kickoff of the fall season.

8 - Bones (FOX) The series premiere is rather mediocore, but if this show picks up like it has the potential to, you'll be glad you got in on the ground floor.

9 - House (FOX) While this series didn't go with it's most interesting arc for season 2, it still looks to be masterful now that they know they have a full season, they can do some more multi-episode arcs.

10- Rescue Me (FX) The season finale of the summer's best show promises to be an explosive one. This is also Diane Farr's last. Of all of the new shows, if you can only watch one tonight, this is it.

Honorable Mention:

9 - Supernatural (WB) The series premere of the best new sci fi show of the season, and possibly the beginning of a beautiful cult friendship. It's also in the second worst time slot of the week. If you hate House, or love Sci Fi, point your tivo's to the frog.

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